Friday, February 28, 2014

Deep end of the pool

I'm like the young kid who is a very low level swimmer who wants to go into the deep end of the pool where all his friends are. Bottom Line: keep working those fundamentals, keep working in general to get better. Heck I should be working Now! here is some of my classwork, Sketchbook, and works in progress.

Graphite Rendering of Black Egg
Mug Rendering-Acrylic (WIP)

1hr. Still Life of Wine bottle-Acrylic

Leaf Still Life-Watercolors

Lettuce Leaf Still Life- Watercolors


Two Hot Roomies

Coffee Line 1

Coffee Line 2

Location Study (WIP)


  1. Seeing tons of improvement man! Love the drawings of your roommates, great work! The guy eating cereal one made me giggle :)

  2. Thanks dude! just gotta keep at it. I always look at your stuff to fire me up and go draw. That Alien Soldier piece just blew my mind! Keep it up!