Friday, February 28, 2014

Deep end of the pool

I'm like the young kid who is a very low level swimmer who wants to go into the deep end of the pool where all his friends are. Bottom Line: keep working those fundamentals, keep working in general to get better. Heck I should be working Now! here is some of my classwork, Sketchbook, and works in progress.

Graphite Rendering of Black Egg
Mug Rendering-Acrylic (WIP)

1hr. Still Life of Wine bottle-Acrylic

Leaf Still Life-Watercolors

Lettuce Leaf Still Life- Watercolors


Two Hot Roomies

Coffee Line 1

Coffee Line 2

Location Study (WIP)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Here, There, People Everywhere!

Shrunkenheadman Nintendo Charity Auction

I just submitted my piece for the Shrunkenheadman Nintendo Charity Auction, the proceeds of the auction will go to the Morgan Autism Center. The character I received at random was Felix from the Golden Sun franchise.  I think that this was a great experience for me because it really pushed me to keep a schedule and stay as productive as possible in order to meet the deadline. And in essence this challenge opened my eyes up to how important it is for me to have a routine (still working on that). I am really happy that I took the time to go through a process in creating this piece, from thumbs and research all the way to the finished piece. I chose to do this piece in pen and ink because I don't feel that I am versed well enough in color currently to effectively emote the feeling I wanted to achieve, however  it felt as if last semester I gained the tools I needed in order to take on this challenge. Last Semester I studied Durer and Goya in my Art History class and really fell in love with their etchings. I also worked with pen and ink a lot in my class instructed by Inga Poslitur and really got a grasp of the medium. Over the winter break I went to the Legion of Honor in SF and say the Zorn exhibit, his etchings were phenomenal! So in essence my artistic influences/inspirations were Zorn, Durer, Goya, and Nico Delort. 
I also really tried to push my own personal experience from Golden Sun into this piece. The character Felix was a little challenging because he was sort of a silent protagonist so he really didn't have any extreme emotion I could exploit in my piece. I ultimately went with depicting one of the more frustrating elements of the game I remember which was: dungeon fatigue. I clearly remember when I played Golden Sun my characters were subjected to wave after wave of monsters. I would go into a dungeon characters with full health and supplies, but reach the end with low health and no supplies. A reason for that could be that I wasn't very good at the game. My only strategy was to use the coolest looking moves. So essentially the story of my piece is Felix just slayed a monster only to have another one of those jerks creeping on him for a fight.