Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Artistic Puberty

Ani 112a storyboard composition 1

Ani 112a storyboard composition 2

So I have just finished another semester at San Jose State, and it was a very interesting semester to say the least. For the majority of my Ani classes the creative process was the primary focus. No real big end of the semester project to really show; that being said I think it was important that the process was a focus of this semester. I learned a lot from my instructors Inga Poslitur and Chris Petrocchi. In the end though I realize that I still have a long ways to go, my friend Ryan says it the best: "You are undergoing artistic puberty" And he's right I am right now at the stage where it is apparent that some things are clicking while others are still not there yet. And I'm not going to lie that it is frustrating being in that place, but I understand that it is a necessary part of this continuous journey. Something that I think I needed to hear was that my drawing skill needs a lot of work, again with the whining about frustrated but I am really glad to have heard that and that it has me really fired up to recover fast and go into the winter break and spring semester swinging, but first its time to cash in on mister sandman.

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