Friday, October 25, 2013

Figures + Painting

Compressed Charcoal 60min

Gouache on toned paper. 60min

Gouache on toned paper. 50min
Been fortunate enough to get some longer poses in during my figure drawing class. The top drawing was done in charcoal, the bottom two were both done in gouache; that being said that was the first time I ever figure painted before! really stoked of how I really put myself out there and I sure had fun. 1. It felt really good to do some painting again, that is what really gets me fired up. I felt that time just flew by as I was messing around with the two paintings. 2. Really pleased with how fast I worked in getting the paint onto the page, especially since both were 18in by 24in. 3. I think choosing to work in paint in the free medium day really got me to loosen up and work quickly to get the gesture and anatomy on the page as best and fast as I could. It was really liberating working with paint, I need to figure out how to work that into my life.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Busy Bee

Been getting as much drawing in as I can each day, hopefully I can keep this pace and even increase the number of hours. I have also been making it a necessary in my life to get some drawing time in for myself when I can. that's kind of all I got for now folks. Thanks for stopping by.