Friday, September 27, 2013

Burn through that Charcoal!

I have been putting in a lot of time outside of class in order to improve my gestures/figure drawings, I still have a ways to go, however this is something that I am trying very hard to stick with and not compromise!

Flashback Friday!

So it being Friday and all, I thought it would be interesting to post some old stuff, just as a means of showing how much growth can occur in a person in five years! I reflect upon the time I put in to get to where I am currently, and i find it both surprising and enlightening how much experience has changed me both as a individual and an artist. I think the most important thing I have come to realize, as well as still work towards, is to have that drive to keep pushing forward and not let past and present negativity keep me from growing. I believe that all the following charcoal drawings were done fresh out of high school between 2008-2009.
Still Life from High school c. 2008

Still Life from JC c. 2008

Still Life from JC c. 2008

Still Life from JC c. 2008

Still Life from JC c. 2008

Portrait of Jonny Ashley from HS c. 2007

20 min pose from JC c. 2008-9

Friday, September 20, 2013

Those Beautiful People

So This past Tuesday my teacher planned the entire class period for caricature drawing, meaning I got the opportunity to mold and distort my friend's faces. Some caricatures were a little more successful than others, each one had a limit of 15 minutes. There where some faces that were much easier to push than others; said ones really came out more as rough portraits. I think overall I still am getting accustomed to using charcoal, I feel that I am not using it's full potential, but that just comes with time. Fun fun fun class assignment, I definitely want to develop my skills and get better at caricaturing.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Work hard to get a head

Been putting in those hours in order to grow as an artist, the past couple of weeks I have been focusing in on the head. Been drawing a lot of my friends. I feel that growth has been slow, but that's just one of the constants of being a novice artist. I have been trying to live my life according to a Zen proverb my father told me: "Let go or be dragged".