Wednesday, June 12, 2013

24. Word of the Week




So I was going through my old files and thought I would post these illustration assignments from the Fall 2012 semester . looking back I was very hesitant to post these because I honestly felt I could have done better. In all honesty I figured it would be good to just talk about them and share my thought process. My professor Jeff Jackson assigned a word a week, it was my job to come up with an idea and illustrate that word within the piece.  The first word was "home" in my thumbnails I had many different ideas as to what I felt best illustrated the word to me. However only a handful truly resonated with me. When I was young my father would frequently travel for work; I will always remember my mother and I would always drive to the airport to pick my father up after each journey. It is very apparent that I am still trying to wrap my head around using my tools effectively; perspective, composition, etc.
The second word of the week was "Camouflage" I really pushed to express the word in an out of the box manner. I tried to depict how we as humans mask our feelings. with this piece I really had no clue as to what I was doing in regards to execution, the markers should not have been my go to medium for all three illustrations, but lack of knowledge and fear really kept me from pushing to give the illustration life. I understand now that is not an excuse, because the only limits that I have are the ones I create for myself.
The Third and final Word of the week was "Dangerous" and I opted to take a safer route in my idea. My ideas are there, where I am falling short is skill level and knowledge. Bad drawings are going to be a fact of life, however I need to suck it up and keep on going. I think it would be in my best interest that I continue this assignment, and it would be awesome to see the progress with all of them side by side.

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