Friday, June 7, 2013

23. Salander Pass 1

photoshop attempt 1
original photo

I believe that the current score right now is Photoshop:1, Geoff: 0. For my first attempt at painting in photoshop I made an effort to not complicate things. Kept to a black and white image, didn't mess with brushes a whole lot; my cup can hold only so much tea. In retrospect this was probably for the better seeing how I seemed to be struggling with proportions, shapes, and value; among other things I didn't think it wise to throw in color on top of the pile of things my brain needed to process. I also thing it would have benefited me more if I had gone the route of doing a drawing first then scanning it into the computer and adding tone. Yet I live to learn. This being a first pass I can definitely see I need to work both the face and hand more before I move onto the details. I have already started another file that has some much needed adjustments. Sorry Rooney Mara and her fans for butchering her face. I will continue to work on this one for another week or so, honestly at this point I already put a lot of time into this, and I really gave it my all, I think the areas in which I can improve upon are evident, that being said I need to step away and sharpen those areas in order to progress. I will post the 2nd pass in a week or so.

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