Saturday, June 1, 2013


So I am currently in the short downtime between the end of the semester and the time before I start summer work. This short respite has given me a chance to reflect upon the words of wisdom my A/I professors have given me. thought I would share them. hopefully my next post I can get some scanned work up.

"You're still not seeing all the details, slow down and really look at what you are drawing."
-Professor Wu

"Squint more".
-Professor Clapp

"Needs more mileage".
-Professor Chun

"Go watch a movie".
-Professor Briggs

"Contact, Hit, Pass, Lift, Contact, Hit, Pass, Lift, Contact, Hit, Pass, Lift".
-Professor Jackson

"I'm dropping pearls of wisdom on you guys".
-Professor Petrocchi

"You gotta suck it up and put the big boy pants on".
-Professor Gustlin

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