Thursday, March 28, 2013


Progress is slow, but there.
Five years ago I was nearing the end of my high school career, I din't know what I wanted to do with my life, something that had to do with art. I was asked by my Art 3 teacher and Photography teacher, Mr. Chow to make a five year plan. Being the naive teenager I was I hastily constructed a plan that I considered to be set in stone.

1. Have my degree from a private Art School and working on receiving my Masters.
2. Have a job as a graphic designer, but also illustrating comics on the side.

I had figured I would have had accomplished part of those pursuits by the time I had to check in on my 5 year plan in 2013. Well as life would have it I have not completed any of those expectations I have set for myself back when I was 18. By no means do I mean to be negative in sharing this with whoever it is that is reading this post. Rather I am just emphasizing on the point that plans change. When I had finished my time at De Anza College, I transferred over to SJSU with the intention of majoring in Graphic Design. However something inside of me pushed me to attend the Animation/Illustration orientation instead and follow that path. And do I regret that decision? No, I don't. If I hadn't taken that chance, I would not have met all the Awesome friends in my major, my eyes would not have been opened in the way that they have by the instructors that have mentored me. By no means am I saying that I wouldn't have had meaningful experiences had i followed a different path,  however the path that I chose was one that I made for myself, and by doing so I have achieved more and grown more than I thought was possible in the past 2 years.
Despite all this growth I have felt the past year I have lost sight of myself and my own desires. I had gotten caught up with comparing my work to others, as well as worry that what I do isn't good enough. I had to step back and really refocus on why I am doing this. This is for me. I am blessed with the opportunity to do something I love, so I should set aside worries and have fun. I will only grow at my own pace, whether I give 100% or 200%. 

It really surprises me, just how fast 5 years has gone by. It just seems like yesterday that I was graduating form High School, and despite being half a decade older I am still trying to figure things out, but I do feel a little wiser . I understand that there are those out there who wonder/worry because of how long I am taking with my schooling, as well as my decision to pursue a path that is filled with many unknown elements and uncertainty. And I honestly wish I could express in words that would help them to understand/ set their mind at ease. however i can only say that I work hard and pursue this path because I love it. I want to be able to create worlds in which make people feel something. I want to be able to get up every morning and paint and draw, feel the life in my hands. I think most importantly though, I want to be able to look in the mirror when I am 100 yrs old, and say to myself: "I followed my own path, and despite the ups and downs I stuck with it and I think I did alright". 

5yr plan (check in 2018, subject to change)

graduated from SJSU, working in the industry.

still learning and figuring things out.

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