Monday, February 4, 2013

Mountain climbing

After a very quick holiday, it's back to work and I have really had to hit the ground running. Once again i underestimated the amount of work my classes and it looks like another mountain to conquer. I think what I have taken away from last semester, is a greater will to overcome my challenges, I have also been working on being more positive about my life and schooling. I was really nervous about taking Maya this semester, and as it turns out like most things it is a lot of work to learn. My hat goes off to the modelers at school and in the industry, you guys are wizards of the most Awesome order. the first assignment was to create our name using morse code by arranging simple polygons to spell out each letter; simple enough however i was the last one to finish. The second assignment was interesting, i think in total it took way longer than it should have. We had to construct a Capsaicin molecule in Maya using the reference provided. above on the left is the reference and to the right is my molecule. I believe it took me a total of 12-13 hours to complete. i have no idea why I took so long. the breakdown: 3hrs toying around and getting help from friends, 2hrs trying to recreate what my professor and friends taught me, and 4 hrs working getting a feel and another 4 correcting.

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