Tuesday, February 26, 2013


photo by Jon Apilado

23 years today. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes everyone!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Portrait 1 of Ani55 5-6hrs
I got a B+ on this portrait that I did for my figure drawing class, which I feel is a very fair grade. One of the aspects that Chris(teacher) brought up that I need to work on is the types of shadows, hard shadows on the form versus soft shadows on the form. another problem was the side of the face which was in light was flattening out. I think another aspect that i need to take into account, is that i am still figuring out charcoal as a medium, I just need to push to experiment and not be afraid of mess ups.


Long Head Study(life) wk2 30min

Long Head Study(life) wk2 30min

Long Head Study(life) wk3 1hr


Gestures from class 2.

Gestures from class 3.

Gestures from class 4.

Class 4: 5 min gesture.

I made a personal promise that I would not restrict myself from posting only my best work because in a way I feel that I am stunting my own growth by doing so; one it forces myself to analyze what I can improve upon, as well as become more mindful of what i need to look out for next time. I definitely feel that my mindset when approaching a gesture has drastically changed since the beginning of the semester, I have really been pushing to feel the action and the form out when analyzing the subject. I have come to the conclusion that I need to be patient and not stress about the rate of development in my skills, all I need is to plan, as well as acquire and understand the knowledge and information I am receiving; but most of all be tenacious as heck and follow through.  

Monday, February 11, 2013


Finished Log Cabin, I gave it all I got, and that's really all I can do.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bob Nakanishi

Today began like any other day, I crawled out of bed like usual and went to classes, I got breakfast, lunch, and dinner as usual without a thought and even splurged on some ice cream for dessert. However I think why I will never forget this day is because it serves as a testament to how unexpected life can be. After dinner I was returning a call from my mom when my dad informed me of my grandfather's passing today. Why is this important? I feel that everyone can sympathize, because everyone has at least one person in the world that they care about and many have experienced the loss of a loved one. I only just got off the phone with my dad, and I wanted to write this post as a means of reflection of one of the many people I was extremely lucky to have shape me into the person I am today.
I think  one memory that i will always remember about my grandpa is when he took me out one day when I was about five or six years old. We spent an hour walking up and down the shoreline  stopping every now and then to look out onto the San Francisco Bay, I even remember the two of us were walking back to the car and i stopped and watched a fuzzy brown Caterpillar crawl along the path. When my brother and I were kids my grandpa would take us to Coyote point, telling us not to wonder to far away from him as we gleefully ran around like maniacs, unknown to him we both could tell that he was having as much fun as we were looking at skeletons and stuffed and mounted animals.
I cannot express the feelings or words as to how much I looked up to my grandfather, his life was an adventure and far from an easy one. Growing up in society today i cannot fathom what it must have been for my grandfather and his family to go through World War Two in the Tule Lake internment camp a time where despite being a US citizen, he was marked as an enemy based on his Japanese ancestry;  as well as getting out of the camp with only a $1.50 in his pocket and having to become a man at the age of sixteen and take care of his mother and two younger siblings. I cannot fathom what it must have felt to leave my grandmother back home after getting drafted to fight in the Korean war. I cannot fathom how hard it must have been for my grandfather to start a family in a one room apartment.
There was so much he had gone through, so much he had done, so many people he touched, as a little kid I would have been happy to become a man like my grandfather, i still feel the same way today.
The last time I saw my Grandfather was at the end of my winter break, he was in good spirits and we talked about school and family. I am really happy to have visited him before he passed away, I will never forget his laugh and smile, as well as the way the setting sun in his window lit up his face, as if he had reached nirvana. I will never forget my grandpa, he always inspired me to be the best I could be. He helped guide me into finding my way, and to pursue my dreams.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Mountain climbing

After a very quick holiday, it's back to work and I have really had to hit the ground running. Once again i underestimated the amount of work my classes and it looks like another mountain to conquer. I think what I have taken away from last semester, is a greater will to overcome my challenges, I have also been working on being more positive about my life and schooling. I was really nervous about taking Maya this semester, and as it turns out like most things it is a lot of work to learn. My hat goes off to the modelers at school and in the industry, you guys are wizards of the most Awesome order. the first assignment was to create our name using morse code by arranging simple polygons to spell out each letter; simple enough however i was the last one to finish. The second assignment was interesting, i think in total it took way longer than it should have. We had to construct a Capsaicin molecule in Maya using the reference provided. above on the left is the reference and to the right is my molecule. I believe it took me a total of 12-13 hours to complete. i have no idea why I took so long. the breakdown: 3hrs toying around and getting help from friends, 2hrs trying to recreate what my professor and friends taught me, and 4 hrs working getting a feel and another 4 correcting.