Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Here ya go!

Went Sketching with my friend Ryan and I really pushed to caricature the people as awesome as my friend did, but its kind of a new thing to me. The second image is just some things that came to mind when I was looking at a lamp outside my apartment, I tried to take the shape and morph it into different things. Keep Drawing and don't stop!

Artistic Puberty

Ani 112a storyboard composition 1

Ani 112a storyboard composition 2

So I have just finished another semester at San Jose State, and it was a very interesting semester to say the least. For the majority of my Ani classes the creative process was the primary focus. No real big end of the semester project to really show; that being said I think it was important that the process was a focus of this semester. I learned a lot from my instructors Inga Poslitur and Chris Petrocchi. In the end though I realize that I still have a long ways to go, my friend Ryan says it the best: "You are undergoing artistic puberty" And he's right I am right now at the stage where it is apparent that some things are clicking while others are still not there yet. And I'm not going to lie that it is frustrating being in that place, but I understand that it is a necessary part of this continuous journey. Something that I think I needed to hear was that my drawing skill needs a lot of work, again with the whining about frustrated but I am really glad to have heard that and that it has me really fired up to recover fast and go into the winter break and spring semester swinging, but first its time to cash in on mister sandman.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Burning out? Cool off

It's getting to that time of the semester where it all becomes sort of a mad dash to the finish line. This past little break gave me a chance to stockpile on some sleep in order to keep going as strong as I can. Here's a little quickie drawing I did after going back and reading The Dark Angel Saga arc from Uncanny X force. Jerome Opena and Dean White's interpretation of Iceman really caught my eye, He's like a statue carved from an Iceberg! real awesome stuff! Rick Remender's run on Uncanny X-force is by far one of the most enjoyable comic book experiences I've had. props to everyone who worked on that title from issue 1-35. A lot wrong with this one but it was a means to just let me take a break from my projects. Gotta stop drawing towards the spine of the sketchbook, I think I'm going to switch over to spiral bound sketchbooks until I gain a better sense of design. This will probably be the last post before I go on Winter Break till then finish strong in all of your pursuits.

Monday, November 25, 2013

"Remember why you are here"

Lately I have really been pushing to draw for myself whenever I have the time. I have been trying to get three hours of outside drawing in everyday. By doing so I have found that I am much more enthusiastic in drawing and painting, sure I get more drawings that need a lot of work, but at the same time I have noticed that I have sped up my recovery time when it comes to drawing dry spells. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hiking towards the Mountain little by little

Steph. ballpoint pen + colored pencil + watercolor + coffee

Been trying to draw for myself in order to keep myself sane as school and life get hectic towards the finish line. Overall I have been trying to find my own voice, my own passion, and my own drive. I think there is a common misconception that I had that while I am in school that I need to draw like everyone else, or draw a certain way, I've come to realize that if I put the time, love, and essentially myself it will definitely closer to where I want to be as opposed to adhering to someone else's vision; I think that has really been bogging me down. Yesterday I had the awesome opportunity to sit in on a presentation by a group of professional viz dev artists talk about their personal experiences in working in the industry. Another bonus of going to the lecture was I was able to acquire their group art book Punch Drunk Moustache! It was so inspiring to listen to J.P. Balmet, Amy Beth Christenson, Will Nichols, Sean Pando, and Chris Voy. Thanks so much Punch Drunk Moustache crew for coming to SJSU and totally Rocking it!      

Friday, October 25, 2013

Figures + Painting

Compressed Charcoal 60min

Gouache on toned paper. 60min

Gouache on toned paper. 50min
Been fortunate enough to get some longer poses in during my figure drawing class. The top drawing was done in charcoal, the bottom two were both done in gouache; that being said that was the first time I ever figure painted before! really stoked of how I really put myself out there and I sure had fun. 1. It felt really good to do some painting again, that is what really gets me fired up. I felt that time just flew by as I was messing around with the two paintings. 2. Really pleased with how fast I worked in getting the paint onto the page, especially since both were 18in by 24in. 3. I think choosing to work in paint in the free medium day really got me to loosen up and work quickly to get the gesture and anatomy on the page as best and fast as I could. It was really liberating working with paint, I need to figure out how to work that into my life.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Busy Bee

Been getting as much drawing in as I can each day, hopefully I can keep this pace and even increase the number of hours. I have also been making it a necessary in my life to get some drawing time in for myself when I can. that's kind of all I got for now folks. Thanks for stopping by. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Burn through that Charcoal!

I have been putting in a lot of time outside of class in order to improve my gestures/figure drawings, I still have a ways to go, however this is something that I am trying very hard to stick with and not compromise!

Flashback Friday!

So it being Friday and all, I thought it would be interesting to post some old stuff, just as a means of showing how much growth can occur in a person in five years! I reflect upon the time I put in to get to where I am currently, and i find it both surprising and enlightening how much experience has changed me both as a individual and an artist. I think the most important thing I have come to realize, as well as still work towards, is to have that drive to keep pushing forward and not let past and present negativity keep me from growing. I believe that all the following charcoal drawings were done fresh out of high school between 2008-2009.
Still Life from High school c. 2008

Still Life from JC c. 2008

Still Life from JC c. 2008

Still Life from JC c. 2008

Still Life from JC c. 2008

Portrait of Jonny Ashley from HS c. 2007

20 min pose from JC c. 2008-9